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Who we are

As the world’s first department dedicated to the study of today’s ever-growing networks, we strive to train skillful scientists who understand the structure and functions of large-scale social, economic and political systems.

What you will study

  • Explore big data: efficient ways to analyze, model and visualize networks of millions of people
  • Understand social processes: friendships and phone calls, spread of ideas and the emergence of order from chaos
  • Discover secrets of success: how teams innovate, scientists make breakthroughs and entrepreneurs make their first million
  • Uncover hidden webs: political corruption, terrorist networks, global finance and the wirings of the brain
  • Master mathematical foundations: graph theory, dynamic processes and graph limits

Join us in Vienna and study with a scholarship

Apply now and be among the first to study at our new campus in Vienna! We offer generous scholarships available to students from any country.

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January 30, 2020 – for PhD studies with financial aid

MILAN JANOSOV / HUNGARY / Department of Network and Data Science

“The department uniquely bridges natural, computational and social sciences. Its research covers a diverse spectrum of network science concepts to find answers to complex questions about human behavior, such as the success of scientists and the detectability of corruption. As a physicist and biophysicist with a keen interest in interdisciplinary research and big data analytics, it is a perfect place for me to pursue a PhD.”